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Get ready to scheme, plot, and backstab in this competitive card game.

Play a power-hungry prince or princess trying to get rid of all rivals for the throne.

How do you like that knife in your back, brother?

3-6 players, 45 minutes, ages 13+

Puppy Pile

Aww, is there anything cuter than a wiggly pile of puppies?

Play an adorable puppy just trying to wiggle your way to the top.

Woof, woof?

2-6 players, 20 minutes, ages 6+

Goblin Taskmaster

The goblin king is ill! Time for an all-out scramble to be named his heir in this competitive, fast-paced dice-rolling game.

Play a scheming goblin as you raid the village for loot, dig for treasure in the caves, or get stuck cleaning out the latrines (yuck!)

Who will manage to curry the most favor with the king?

2-6 players, 45 minutes, ages 10+

Summer of Rock

Get ready for the best summer of your life in this semi-competitive board game.

School's out, and you're ready to follow your favorite band on tour around the USA.

Hitchhike from town to town, or hustle to make some cash to pay for a ride. Then rock out with the band.

Far out, man.

1-6 players, 1 hour, ages 10+